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President Trump, it’s time you get the truth from us Veterans. My Telehealth Program is not as great as the VA Sec. showed to you Proof of data manipulation/false reporting.

President Trump, it's time you get the truth from us Veterans. My Telehealth Program is not as great as the VA Sec. showed to you Proof of data manipulation/false reporting.

Posted by Brad Bolden on Sunday, October 29, 2017


  1. Thank you for your service Bradley and thank you for sharing. Together we will.~MoAB

  2. Hello Mr. bolden, my name is Rick Strickland and I just atumbled across onw of your recent post. I was able to see that it was at the james haley hosp. I go there as well for some of my treatments. I was just cutious has to how often you are there so maybe i could get the chance to meet you in person. I have been fighting the VA just like yourself.
    So hopefully we will meet again soon and that you for taking time to read this.

    Sincerely, Rick Strickland

    • Hi Rick, thanks, I have slowed down a lot on going there, but I hope to do more soon. I’m looking at going Tuesday or Friday, normally I try to get there by 1100-1300, that way I catch the lunch traffic. I look forward to seeing you. I also link up with a guy at the Bay Pines VA, he is a lot more organized than me. he does his periodically

  3. I went through what you are going through exactly, I found out that I had Systemic sclerosis, from TCE contamination. I also had issue with nodules that was called Calcinosis. The problem is Military contaminated us and still don’t want to admit it, But if you look at the symptoms that those at Camp lejeune have you can cross reference your own symptoms with them. Also Look up EPA Superfund sites, and see if you was at any of the post? And if you spent time doing one of the following jobs, cleaning weapons, they are dunked in TCE, Cleaning airplanes, motor pool cleaning vehicles, I am guessing you will find that you have done some work around TCE, and or PCE. But TCE has the symptoms you describe. I am guessing you have some lower white cell counts on your blood test also, but mostly still in range, maybe Lymphocytes, and platelets low on occasion over the years? I have A negative blood also, genetically from Northern Africa. But European. Took me Months to put all this together, but VA won’t tell Veterans that they were contaminated as most of us will die from blood pressure issue’s, Kidney problems, and other Cancers and autoimmunity. If you have some of this, the clock is ticking before your health takes a dive. There was to many Veterans contaminated for the Government to admit what happen to us, so there play was to seal it. They stopped ordering TCE in 1995 when they realized what it does, But EPA knew all this in 1978, as they did first test. The Government has avoided much Human testing until Camp Lejune, I was diagnosed wrongly in 1988 as having Hemophilia. What I had was contamination. The weapons I worked with as Unit armorer was covered in TCE or Dunked at main armorery, then sent back to me, I would disassemble and touch directly the TCE, and if you smell it on regular basis it can cause same effect. Most Veterans got some from the water, as the dry cleaners on Base used TCE, and since it is a solvent they also used for other purposes. Hope this helps, sounds like start of Systemic sclerosis or Lupus from contamination?

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