CEO Letter

Letter From Our Founder & CEO

MoAB (Mother of America’s Battalion)

IMG_1473 Since the loss of my son I have been, “Fighting For Those Who Fought For Us”. I began with the LCpl Lutz PTSD Awareness Ride on the 1 year anniversary of his death and since have created a lifesaving program for local Veterans in Davie, FL and opening other locations soon. I’m also developing a lifesaving Buddy Up Mobile App which also is going to save lives.

I believe that a big part of suicide prevention is getting our Veterans to Buddy Up on a local level and this is why I created the Lutz Buddy Up Program. So often when our Veterans are done with their service they return home and don’t have anyone that they can connect with. War changes a person and only a Warfighter can understand another Warfighter.   It is this connection that relieves their pressure. The Lutz Buddy Up Combat Outpost are for this reason to Connect Veterans, they Recognize they need each other and Live To Tell.

With more than 150,000 veteran suicides something needs to change NOW! I know now that I must share what I have learned from losing a life that was most precious to me with others to prevent additional unnecessary losses. Families need to be aware of the triggers and warning signs of PTS so that they can better support their veteran. We need to move swiftly and open up LCpl Lutz Combat Outpost in every community across America. Won’t you help us and facilitate a COP in your area? I truly believe with all that I am that we can stop this epidemic but I can’t do it alone.

Together we can.~MoAB