Bonnie J Tanguay, 34


Army Sergeant Bonnie J Tanguay, born September of 1979, in Westerly, Rhode Island, beloved daughter of Ariana Riel and Raymond Tanguay.

Growing up in Coventry, Bonnie was a creative, adventurous soul and was never afraid to try anything new.

In 1998 she enlisted in the 119th Military Police Company and was deployed to Bosnia, 2000-2001. Following she was deployed to Iraq with the 118th Military Police Battalion from 2003-2004, and later assigned to the 115th Military Police Company 12 from 2004-2006, when she was honorably discharged with numerous marks of distinction.

Among her passions were playing guitar, composing, painting, and writing and she received notable recognition for many of her talents. After she left the military, she raised and trained service dogs for disabled Vets. Her dogs, known as her “furry children,” were her last greatest true love.

SGT Bonnie J Tanguay lost her battle with PTSD, May 30, 2014. She was 34 years old.

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  1. What an angelic face ! No doubt who is keeping you company, sweet sister. Take comfort in love that will never leave you. And peace to all your loved ones

  2. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.

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