LCpl Janos “Johnny” V Lutz was medically retired in November 2011 after honorably serving as an Assaultman in the USMC on the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan. Although he was diagnosed with severe PTS & TBI, he was only treated for PTS. As with so many Lutz received the Combat Cocktail a dangerous mix of psychotropic and opioid drugs from the VA. June 2010 they treated him with benzodiazepines and 1 week later he attempted suicide. His attending psychiatrist noted in his chart “Do not give Mr. Lutz Klonopin” but failed to tell Mr. Lutz this was the causation of his suicidal ideations. Leaving Lutz to believe that his suicide attempt was of his own free will. Three months later Mr. Lutz was in Poplar Springs Hospital for inpatient treatment for PTS, his doctor put him on Klonopin and in three days Mr. Lutz was having suicidal ideations. The doctor immediately stopped administering and noted in his chart “Do not give Mr. Lutz Klonopin” but again failed to tell Mr. Lutz this was the causation of his suicidal ideations. Again leaving Lutz to believe that his suicidal ideations was that of his own free will.  Summer of 2012, Lutz had taken himself off all medications except for a very low dose of morphine for back & knee injuries he sustained in service. The change in him was remarkable, he traveled with family, reconnected with friends, was adventurous again, enrolled at FAU, and was adjusting. At the end of the summer Lutz’s PTS was triggered and unfortunately he sought help at the Ft. Lauderdale VA and again they prescribed him Klonopin and eight days later Lutz was dead.

Lutz isn’t the only one who died because of the medical malpractice from the VA.  We know there are many stories of VA failures. Veterans, we need you to tell us your experiences with the VA.  We want to hear your story. Family members, if you have lost your veteran, we want to hear their story also. We need your voices to be heard to make change!

Together we will~MoAB

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