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LCpl Lutz Buddy Up mobile app is a social networking app created specifically for Military and First Responder Communities. Replicating the framework of the LCpl Lutz Buddy Up, this app connects servicemen and servicewomen locally at the push of a button.  This location-based social networking app has many features:

  • See users in close proximity of each other
  • Provides a real-time feed for sharing content and has a private messaging feature
  • Users can stay connected to the Unit they served with
  • Users select their own local Buddies to notify when in code red or yellow
  • User will get notifications of anniversary/trigger dates of their select local Buddies
  • Military and First Responders can discover and rate local resources, events, and veteran-owned businesses
  • and much more…

Inspiration for this app came after the tragic loss of LCpl Janos “Johnny” Lutz, a United States Marine who survived the battlefield only to return home and be lost to suicide. Johnny served two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Diagnosed with PTSD & TBI he returned home to face the obstacles of integrating into society.  In his most difficult times his closest battle buddy was over 700 miles away. This app will change the way military and first responders connect with each other allowing them to have each other’s backs.

We need your help to make this app a success & help save lives. Donations for this app will be used for software development, outreach, and monthly maintenance.donate-dogtag

What makes this app different from anything on the market?

Providing a proximity-based app with a comprehensive support network of public and private sector entities not only allows military and first responders to keep in contact with each other, but also assists with the obstacles of integration into society. Created for Android & iOS, our aim is to build a community-based cloud system in which the sole purpose is for users to Connect * Recognize * Live. Users Connect with each other, Recognize we all need community, and  Live to be the best they can be.

All of the resources listed in this app will provide free services to military and first responders and meet a validation criteria. Veteran-owned businesses must also undergo a validation process and have at least 50% ownership of the company. There is much more to this app that will be released closer to its anticipated launch date in late 2017.

Veteran-owned businesses and military/first responder serving organizations are welcome to submit their information for consideration.







Together We Can ~MoAB